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The Decameron contains tales told by young men and women hiding from the plague. These were very influential. Chaucer may have read the Decameron when he was on a mission to Italy in It was also translated into Latin and then French.

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He did so just before writing George Dandin. The Agroikos — Impoverished Nobility. They could not afford dowries for all their daughters. Often only one was endowed. Nothing is more important to the Sotenvilles than their rank, which vilifies them. III, 5 ].

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Clitandre, I. Dandin is then asked to apologize to Clitandre who is a genuine gentilhomme. In Act Two, once again Lubin tells George everything. Dandin tries to impress upon his wife that, given the marriage contract, she has duties, but she is very quick to state that George married her parents.